Chase has been playing music for 18 years in numerous bands and as a solo performer. His most proficient instruments are (but not limited to) guitar, bass guitar, drums, piano/keys, banjo, and vocals. He has held every one of these positions in a band at some point or another in his career. Chase currently plays drums and sings backup vocals in the alt/rock band Steady Common, keys in the alt/pop rock band The Hearsay, all instruments in the indie rock band Second Shadow, and all instruments in the EDM act Matrix Council. Outside of these bands, Chase does fill in gigs. Need a fill in musician? Contact



Chase composes and produces music for placements in films, television shows, commercials, and games. He owns the master and sync rights. All tracks are fully metadata'd and delivered with stems and alternate mixes. Genres include indie rock, punk rock, alt rock, electronic, dance, techno, trance, funk, jazz, metal, and more. Need music for your project? Contact






Chase began his music career at age eleven, when he learned his first instrument--the saxophone. Shortly after, he began playing the drums, guitar, and bass. During this time, Chase took an interest in recording and producing music so he had a way to share it with people. Chase began to record everything he could on his own and with several bands he had joined. By the time he finished high school, Chase had produced and performed on several full length albums and EPs.


In 2009, Chase attended Kennesaw State University in Georgia, where he studied music business, film, and communications. He wrote and released a solo album in which he did all of the production and performances (guitars, bass, vocals, drum programming, keys).  


In 2010, he won a national drum contest held by pop/punk rock band Motion City Soundtrack. He also produced and performed drums on an EP by local band Same Time Tomorrow.

In 2011, he co-hosted songwriting sessions for Nashville Songwriters Association International. He also worked for Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Presents Summer Concert Series at Chastain Park Amphitheatre and Symphony Hall, where he aided in hospitality for touring artists such as Steve Miller Band, Huey Lewis and the News, Sugar Ray, Guster, Michael McDonald, Brian Wilson, and many more.



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